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Coastal Carpet & Tile Carpet One Floor & Home is more than just your local flooring retail store. We want our customers to know they can turn to us with any questions about their home or flooring needs. We can even provide you information about choosing the right rental property management company for your properties. Flooring rental spaces can be expensive and are an investment. We’ve put together a few tips on things you should look for when choosing a property management company.

1. Get referrals from different sources

A good property management company has built a reputation within the local area. Stop by your local real estate office, home store, or other property owners and ask around. You want to have a list ready of property managers or management companies. Some referrals can be biased, so use different sources and if you hear good or bad about one company in particular from different people, chances are what they say is true.

2. Do an online search

Online searches are the new word of mouth, and there are websites available that can generate rental property management lists based on the size of your property and location. Take a look at their online reviews, as well as the Better Business Bureau to check ratings and people’s experiences with that company. You may even come across companies that you had received referrals about.

3. Check their current work

Take a look at their ads. Make note if they are professional looking, if they advertise on multiple platforms, or stick with free services like Craigslist. Pay a visit to one of the properties they manage, take a look around and see if things are cleaned and maintained and even ask current tenants how satisfied they are with the service.

4. Check their licenses and certifications

Check with your local Real Estate Commission to see if their brokerage license is active. You’ll also want to know other things like if they have been certified with a trade organization such as the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). If they are willing to spend the time and money to be trained that means they are dedicated to their job. Trust your instincts though if you don’t feel right about a rental property manager, and take a look at the whole picture.

We hope this information helps you plan for looking at rental property management companies, and be sure to visit our showroom for more tips!


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