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Best Vinyl Flooring in Destin, FL

If you are all about staying on-trend with the latest in the flooring industry, then you may want to consider installing vinyl floors in your home or business. While vinyl is not a new product, technological advances have transformed this floor into a luxury item. While it’s still an affordable flooring option, vinyl is high-end in appearance and ultra-durable.


At Coastal Carpet & Tile Carpet One Floor & Home in Destin, Florida, we have the best vinyl floor for your home. Our flooring specialists will help you navigate our selection and find a choice that can handle your lifestyle, whether you have children, pets, or plenty of guests. Our selection covers a wide range of styles, colors, patterns and more for you to choose from. We proudly provide vinyl and installation services to Destin, Fort and Walton, FL.



Types of Vinyl Flooring

Today, vinyl flooring comes in two main options: plank and tiles. Do you love the look of handcrafted ceramic tile or lush hardwood flooring, but have neither the time, nor the budget, to bring that vision to reality? Our alternatives will have you thinking again. Combining the customization potential of traditional tile with the ease of a resilient synthetic, vinyl tile is a favorite floor and décor option that’s pet-friendly, kid-friendly, and moisture resistant. In fact, some of these tenacious tiles are even waterproof. Vinyl tile has few limitations. It is quite easy to install and can be woven into a custom installation. Unlike traditional tile, you don’t need grout or complicated adhesives to install it. It can be used directly over your existing concrete or plywood subfloor.


Did you know that any type of vinyl flooring used for floors can also be used on the walls? Vinyl tile is a wonderful option for a kitchen backsplash, a colorful shower, or an eye-catching accent wall. Wherever you choose to enjoy vinyl tile, you will rest easy knowing that it can withstand heat, humidity, heavy use, and moisture.


If you love the look of hardwood, but do not think you are ready to commit to the cost and maintenance of it, then you should look at our vinyl plank collection. Vinyl planks look and feel exactly like real wood flooring from the surface thanks to high-definition photography and specialized texturing techniques. Each plank can even come with beveled edges and other details that add to the overall realism of the wood look. We have a wide variety of luxury vinyl plank options to choose from, such as white pine, natural oak, maple, hickory, birch, mahogany, and cherry looks. We also have extra wide vinyl planks, which are far more cost effective and warp-resistant that extra wide genuine hardwood planks. And you’ll find beautiful and dynamic multi-tonal choices with varying lengths and widths.


Few of us are immune to the telltale textures and grains of natural hardwood flooring, but not all of us live in a space that’s suited for this beloved classic, particularly when faced with the challenges associated with Florida’s humid, tropical climate. Offering a smart, stylish, and downright stunning alternative, wood-look vinyl flooring presents a solution that won’t ever feel like you’re settling for less. There are endless options made to capture the realistic grains and textures associated with your favorite hardwoods.


The look of hardwood is always in heavy demand, and wood-look luxury vinyl flooring can boldly go where actual hardwood simply cannot. In fact, there are even types of wood-look luxury vinyl flooring that are considered completely waterproof. Unlike their natural counterparts, wood-look luxury vinyl planks won’t ever shrink, warp, or bow when exposed to moisture. Although actual hardwood needs refinishing, sanding, and polishing as time goes on, wood-look luxury vile has a simpler care plan, requiring none of the above.



Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

We offer waterproof and water-resistant vinyl floors. Waterproof vinyl is built with lasting protection from moisture and has a stain-resistant surface that’s easy to clean. Waterproof vinyl planks are a popular solution for clients who want a hardwood look in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Likewise, waterproof vinyl tiles are a cheaper and easier to install alternative to real tile.



Vinyl Installation

You can install vinyl floors throughout your home thanks to the beautiful natural appearance of these floors. They can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, mudrooms, and laundry rooms. You can also use them in living rooms and bedrooms. Vinyl flooring has become incredibly popular in commercial settings and busy rentals like apartments and condominiums.


Whether you opt for plank or tile, residential or commercial, it’s always wise to plan your upcoming installation accordingly. Although installing vinyl tends to be a much simpler process, overall, compared to other flooring types, an ounce of preparation can make a world of difference.


Vinyl flooring installation is inherently user friendly, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on your research first! Once you rip up that old, tired flooring, there are critical steps you should take before you – or your contractors- start to install.


Whether your subfloor is made from plywood or concrete, you’ll want to carefully scrub down this area, allowing it to dry fully, before taking a detailed inventory of any irregularities. Since uneven subfloors, holes, or damages can result in a less-than-stellar result, these issues will need to be addressed beforehand. Often, a trowel can be used to level out uneven areas.



Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen & Bath

Vinyl flooring is truly a remarkable product, especially when it comes to the diverse possibilities for your kitchen or bathroom. Made with moisture in mind, this durable synthetic is as smart as it is stylish.



Our Vinyl Flooring Selection

As your locally owned Carpet One Floor & Home retailer, we can compete with the big box stores and have the buying power of 1,000 locations strong. That means we carry the best vinyl flooring brands. We also offer exceptional vinyl flooring prices for quality items, and you don’t need to worry about the crowds at big box stores when you shop with us. We’re always here to provide attentive, friendly service, affordable products, and premium installations. Visit our Destin store soon to learn more.





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Caring for Vinyl Flooring


If you’re not looking to put considerable effort into cleaning your floors, vinyl is a good option for you because it only requires regular maintenance such as sweeping and occasional mopping.