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Flooring for Rental Properties

Flooring for Rental Properties

The unique flooring needs of office complexes and apartment units can make it challenging to find new and stylish flooring. Today, the good news is that there are more stylish, affordable, and resilient options than ever before. When it’s time to up the style ante, Coastal Carpet & Tile Carpet One Floor & Home of Destin, FL is your one-stop-shop. 


There are many incredible paths to perfect style, from stain-resistant, heavy duty carpeting to waterproof luxury vinyl. Want to find out more about the latest flooring alternatives for rental properties? Call us today! 

Important Flooring Features for Rentals

Durability: When it comes to flooring for rentals, it’s crucial that you choose something strong, sturdy, and reliable. Flooring that isn’t likely to crack or chip when exposed to daily wear and tear will last longer in your rental, so look out for durable options that suit your style.

Easy Maintenance: Maintaining flooring is a huge part of increasing the lifespan of your floors. Dust and dirt are easy to pick up with a broom or vacuum when they are sitting on the surface, while spills and mishaps can be tough to remove. It’s best to opt for low-maintenance floors that don’t stain quickly or easily so that both you and your tenants or visitors will always be stress-free.

Water and Stain-resistance: Whether it’s water tracked inside from the outdoors or a spilled drink during a party, water and stain-resistance are two features you won’t want to skip when choosing flooring for your rental. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that an accident won’t cause excessive damages in your home, and it will be much easier to maintain water or stain-resistant flooring for many years.




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Room Visualizer


Do you want to see what new flooring would look like before you purchase it? Try our new room visualizer tool to see a specific product in your space at the link below!



How to Choose Carpet that Will Last


If you are considering carpet for your rental, check out our guide on how to choose beautiful, durable carpet that will last.



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